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Scent Marketing: One system that works

With the increase in online shopping, retailers who actually want to see their customers are working harder than ever to attract and keep them. Ambiance is vital, as every store and hotel owner knows. When it comes to determining our experience of a space, all of our senses are engaged. This is where scent marketing comes in: if it smells good, not only will they come, but they will stay longer.

Milwaukee-based company Prolitec is partnering its services with stores, hotels, casinos to create a positive scent experience for customers. Its patented, micron-sized droplets are distributed quietly and subtly throughout a space. And from the retail perspective, it seems to be working. According to Andy Ginsberg, facilities director of the Mirage hotel and casino, where “This is by far one system that actually does work. Not the cheapest system out there, but it’s a quality product.”

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Prolitec Brings Aromatherapy to Assisted-Living Communities Nationwide

Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ Offers New Technology for Community Health and Wellness Programs

MILWAUKEE, WI–(Marketwire – March 1, 2011) – From ancient times to the present day, people have relied on natural scents like lavender, verbena and jasmine to help them achieve states of calm, alertness and well-being. Now, with the launch of its Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ system, Prolitec, Inc. (www.prolitec.com) makes it possible to do this for an entire assisted-living community, enhancing the experience of residents and staff, and making positive impressions on visitors.

ATMOSPHERES™ is a computer-controlled, fully-automated system that works through the HVAC system or from appliances mounted on walls, in or above ceilings or on tabletops to maintain a controlled, light level of a natural aromatherapy scent throughout the common areas. The system is fully supported by Prolitec with onsite periodic service and requires no staff involvement.

Natural scents include blends of chamomile, aromatic lavender and other complementary and proprietary ingredients. Their proven benefits can also be brought to individual resident rooms through the Air/Q™ Whole Room Air Freshener™, a sleek, miniaturized version of Prolitec’s commercial scenting technology that is small enough to rest on a tabletop.

“There is a body of scientific literature illustrating the remarkable ability of natural fragrances to impact mood and cognitive function,” noted Richard Weening, CEO of Prolitec. “Aromatherapy and the use of scent to achieve an outcome has become an important part of holistic health and wellness programs. According to a Duke University study, for example, the scent of lavender relaxed participants every bit as much as a physical massage. These potentially therapeutic benefits make Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ a natural fit for the assisted-living industry.”

The industrywide launch of Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ follows 18 months of testing in more than 50 assisted-living facilities, including most of the communities of Aegis Living, a national leader in retirement and assisted living.

Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ is “green” and fully compliant with the stringent regulatory requirements of OSHA and the state of California, Weening added. “Prolitec’s patented micro-droplet technology creates a uniform scent effect with a bare minimum of product — less than 1 molecule out of every 1 million molecules in the air,” he explained. “In addition to using far less product, this very small amount of scent is unlikely to trigger an allergic reaction in sensitive residents.”

Typically, in fact, residents are exposed to far higher amounts of scented product — up to 100 times greater — from the likes of restroom deodorizers, aerosols and plug-in air fresheners. These relatively inefficient products also tend to be more expensive when used in an assisted-living or retirement setting, Weening added.

Through the Air/Q ATMOSPHERES™ program, Prolitec offers a wide range of broadly appealing aromatherapy fragrances that can be customized for the specific requirements of clients based on the proven benefits of this ancient science. The unique adjustability of the Air/Q system also provides an additional layer of customization. “The result is a transformed atmosphere that improves the overall experience of residents, staff and visitors,” Weening said.

About Prolitec

Prolitec (www.prolitec.com) develops and provides innovative airborne technologies for infection control, odor cancellation, and the use of scent for positive emotional and physiological experiences. The company’s technologies are employed by retailers, hotels, casinos, fitness centers, spas, healthcare facilities, and other institutional and commercial facilities in the U.S. and 46 countries around the world.

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Aegis Living Selects Prolitec for Aromatherapy Service to Senior Living Communities

REDMOND, WA — 03/10/10 — As part of its continuing effort to enhance the lives of residents in its retirement and assisted living communities, Aegis Living (www.aegisliving.com) has selected Prolitec Inc. (www.prolitec.com) to introduce aromatherapy to public areas in all 35 of its senior living facilities in Washington, California and Nevada.Following an initial installation in the new Aegis of Bellevue (Wash.) community, the Redmond-based company contracted with Prolitec to roll out the systems to the remainder of its communities over the course of 2010, with several installations now under way. The systems from Milwaukee-based Prolitec will condition the air in lobbies and hallways with tiny amounts of a scent created especially for Aegis.

Aegis’ scent, called ‘Serene,’ is a blend of chamomile, aromatic lavender and other complementary and proprietary ingredients. Chamomile reduces stress and anxiety and is used to treat insomnia, while lavender relaxes the body. According to a Duke University study, the scent of lavender relaxed participants as much as a massage.

Depending on the community’s mechanical system, Aegis’ proprietary scent will be dispersed in the designated common areas through a variety of HVAC or wall-mounted delivery systems from Prolitec. As the program evolves, residents will also be given the opportunity to have aromatherapy in their individual units through Prolitec’s Air/Q Whole Room (www.airq.com) system for an additional monthly charge.

“Already known as one of the premier operators of retirement and assisting living communities, Aegis is taking another step forward in raising the standards for better senior living with the introduction of aromatherapy,” said Richard Weening, CEO of Prolitec. “The scent that we developed for them will make residents feel better and they don’t have to do anything, just breathe in the air.”

“Prolitec is the technology leader in the safe and sensible use of scent in public spaces,” added Jerry Meyer, COO of Aegis. “We chose Prolitec because they have a customer-focused, high-standards culture like Aegis and they understand the special requirements of senior communities.”

About Prolitec

Prolitec (www.prolitec.com) is a world leader in the development and deployment of innovative air-treatment and air care technologies including odor control, ambient scenting, aromatherapy and the use of scent as a medium of communication. Clients include retailers, hotels, casinos and other commercial organizations in the U.S. and in 20 countries around the world. Prolitec’s Aerobiology and Infection Control Unit develops human-safe and green systems for controlling pests and killing airborne and surface bacteria and viruses.

About Aegis Living

Aegis Living is a national leader in retirement and assisted living, offering a progressive selection of senior residences to meet the growing needs of today’s aging population. Providing the finest in senior lifestyle and living options available, “We are the people who make life better” emphasizes health, quality of life, well being and community. Aegis Living is guided by a simple philosophy: strive to treat all people with the highest possible standards. Founded in 1997 and headquartered in Redmond, Washington, privately held Aegis Living operates 35 communities in Washington, California and Nevada. Additional information about Aegis Living and its services are available at www.AegisLiving.com. Follow us on Twitter @twitter.com/aegisliving and Facebook at http://bit.ly/OUNyR.

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