Scent Marketing: One system that works

With the increase in online shopping, retailers who actually want to see their customers are working harder than ever to attract and keep them. Ambiance is vital, as every store and hotel owner knows. When it comes to determining our experience of a space, all of our senses are engaged. This is where scent marketing comes in: if it smells good, not only will they come, but they will stay longer.

Milwaukee-based company Prolitec is partnering its services with stores, hotels, casinos to create a positive scent experience for customers. Its patented, micron-sized droplets are distributed quietly and subtly throughout a space. And from the retail perspective, it seems to be working. According to Andy Ginsberg, facilities director of the Mirage hotel and casino, where “This is by far one system that actually does work. Not the cheapest system out there, but it’s a quality product.”

Read more at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

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